Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three dollar shoe debut.

I've been wanting a pair of oxfords for a while now but none of the lightweight ladies versions were really doing it for me. This gorgeous, well made, Allen Edmonds pair become mine on Monday for a mere three dollars via the Goodwill President's Day sale. They fit like a dream- which is kind of pissing me off, actually. Because part of the reason these shoes are so awesome is the fact that they are shaped like an actual human foot. I own a lot of pairs of shoes. Seriously, a lot. And this may be the only pair I own that is foot shaped. Crazy, right?

So, all day long, I've been enjoying and admiring my fancy new shoes, while simultaneously being irritated that, in comparison, women's shoes kind of suck. I love pretty, dainty ladies shoes but they're almost never truly and completely comfortable. And that's so not fair.

Today's outfit was otherwise somewhat lackluster. I was really wishing I owned a beautiful pair of gaberdine slacks to wear with these shoes. I slapped a few rhinestone pins on my cardigan but I'm not sure it really helped much.


  1. I have a pair of Bass Oxfords that fit in a true way. I can only imagine that not only do these shoes fit (and allow your foot to spread naturally) that the shoes are made to last as well.