Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day Two: Red & green & sparkle.

I attempted to inject a festive holiday feel into this outfit by adding red and green accessories and some rhinestones. I'm happy with the accessorizing, but I wasn't sure that I liked the proportions of the skirt and sweater together and seeing the pictures confirms my suspicions. This combination looks frumpy to me. I'm wearing item # 9 (grey and black A-line skirt with front pleat) and item # 25 (grey 3/4 sleeve cardigan) from my 30 chosen items. I don't hate this outfit but I'm not wild about it either.

It seems that I might need more emphasis on my waist to keep me from looking so blocky. I did try tucking in my sweater, but the result was bulky and even more unflattering. It's not really that kind of sweater. Additionally, I think my undergarments can share some of the blame on this one. This bra was never my favorite shape-wise and now it's also old. Must put new bras on my list of wardrobe essentials.

I keep trying to come up with more to say about the failures of this outfit but I'm at a loss when it comes to analyzing why exactly I don't like it. I give this outfit a 6/10 rating. It would be a five but I think the accessories do elevate it a bit. I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed to run into an old flame at the market while wearing this, but I don't imagine that this imaginary old flame would be eating his heart out after seeing me in this ensemble either. I think this is what you might refer to as "perfectly serviceable."  Let's finish on a high note. I leave you with just the sparkle. Happy Holidays!


  1. I think you have nailed the issue: the shapes of the sweater and skirt don't work together - you need more definition at the waist. However, they're great pieces separately!

  2. My take on this is the proportions. If you look at yourself the bottom edge of the sweater cuts your body at the halfway point between your shoulders and hem. You need a shorter sweater or a longer skirt. The Fibonacci formula is 1/3 or 2/3 proportions... I hope this makes sense. I agree with Shelia the pieces are great in and of themselves it is the combination that doesn't work.

    1. I've decided to see if I can't let down the hem of this skirt. I thought it was a bit on the short side for my taste (not risque but I don't love to have my knees hanging out.) That my help but I think the top needs to be something that fits more snugly too.