Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day Twenty-nine: And just like that- I feel like myself again!

I've decided that just about any combination of black and white prints or patterns get along like a house on fire. I was concerned when I pulled these pieces together that they would be too different, or too much, or too something. But I liked it, and I got more compliments on this outfit than I've gotten in a long time. Now, I also saw way more people that would be inclined to comment than I have in a long time so I can hardly call it scientific evidence, but I guess I can say, "I liked my outfit and my people did too."

I liked:

  • Pretty much everything. The mix of jewelry. The playful pattern mixing. The sleeve layering. The slim silhouette. 

I'd change:

  • I'd like to upgrade these shoes at some point. I have four pairs of these patent ballet flats from Nordstrom (BP shoes)  in red, green, purple and blue but I wear the red ones about 10 times as often as I wear any of the other colors. I kind of wish now I'd gotten four pairs of the red. They are about four years old now and they don't look anywhere near as nice as they did when they were new. I'd replace them in a heartbeat but I haven't been able to find a pair that I like as much. They are a beautiful shiny scarlet color and (most important) they do not have any bows. I can not abide bows on ballet flats. Why? I can not explain it. I don't mind bows on hats. Bow shaped pins? No problem. Bows on dresses? Don't mind those. But ballet shoe bows are out of the question. And yes, something like 99.95% of all ballet style flat shoes do have bows. Such is life for those of us with unreasonable fashion foibles. I'm sure you know who you are.

The verdict:

  • Its a ten. A home run with bases loaded (if I may belabor my last post's metaphor.) It was just right for the weather, (springy but not yet hot) and the stuff on my agenda, (meeting a friend for lunch and attending a performance of Annie featuring a young family member) and for my sense of self.


  1. This is an awesome outfit, Margaret! The pattern-mixing is perfect; you're so right that black and white prints nearly always go together. I used to have a pair of patent red Aerosole flats (no bow, they had a buckle!) and I wore them to death. I hope you find another pair!

  2. yep it is a ten I especially like how you worked the necklace combinations