Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visiting Phoenix.

We're visiting my grandparents in Arizona. I'll be the first to say that this isn't the most flattering outfit but heat like this doesn't allow for much in the way of camouflaging opportunities.

This skirt is the first thing I've purchased since I made my new year's resolution to minimize that didn't require me getting rid of five items to offset it's acquisition. It's a dress from H & M that I turned into a skirt by cutting off the bodice. The combination of prints (which, unfortunately, you can't see well in these photos) really appealed to me but there was no way I could have manged to keep my chest inside it's tiny spaghetti strapped halter top. It's a bit embarrassing that, not only is this the first clothing item I've done anything even remotely creative with since the beginning of the year, but that the extent of my creativity was limited to a few quick snips with my dressmaking sheers. I didn't even finish the cut edge. If I had it to do over I would cut a bit more generously and turn over and stitch the edge, but when I did this I thought that I would like the edge left raw more than I actually do. Next time I do something like this I will make the extra effort.

These orange sandals look great with the orange stripes on the skirt ruffle.

Today we visited the Phoenix Art Museum to see two fashion exhibitions. TWO!! In one museum. How awesome is that? When we were planning this trip I knew that the museum was having an exhibition of the miniature French fashion dolls from 1945, the Theatre de la Mode, which I have wanted to see since I learned of their existence back in 1993, when I was in fashion school. After we made our travel arrangements I discovered that we would also get to see an exhibition called Fashion Independent. Both exhibitions were amazing. Either alone would have been worth a special trip. Getting to see both was like winning the fashion lottery.

Posing with Paulo Soleri's Il Donnone (1972)
Raaarhh! With Sui Jianguo's Jurassic Age (2006)
Chris and I love these lacy looking trees. We're hoping to plant some in our front yard.


  1. did you visit the Théâtre de la Mode?

  2. The fashion theorist, Mario Lugo, in his column in The California Aggie today entitled "Memoirs of a go-go" states: "But every beacon has a dark side; the"skinny is better" notion can drive anyone to disillusionment." Was that a veiled reference to "toofewbeacons"

  3. To Nan,
    Well, it does sound like it could be... but I doubt it! I think you and my sister in law may be my only readers. I'd love to flatter myself by believing that every mention of beacons in print refers to me, but alas, I don't think my self-esteem is high enough to sustain a belief like this. I am interested to read the column though- sounds like it is right up my alley.