Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm back but I'm not sure I'm 'blog-worthy.'

It's like I almost forgot how to do this...

And apparently Blogger has changed so much since I've been gone that it took me forever to figure out how to create a new post. But, I am back and I was determined to post today- in spite of a rather uninspired outfit and (conveniently?) forgetting to take some of my dreaded side view shots AND then forgetting that I had outfit photos to post until after 11 o'clock at night. I made it! Just.

I'm showing off my new hair color. It's faded a lot since the initial coloring which I expected. Red colors fade like crazy anyway and the ends of my hair are much, much lighter than the roots. The unbleached hair at the roots has held much richer color than the tips so after my next cut and color I'm expecting longer lasting color. Not that I mind this strawberry blonde tone at all.  The spooky tree necklace is new, from our Alaskan Cruise vacation. It's glass. From an artists' co-op gallery in Juneau.  I'll try to get a better picture next time I wear it.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. We took a cruise to Alaska several years ago and almost all of my souvenirs were jewelry too. A bit of whale ivory and some jade.

  2. Welcome back Margaret. Hope alls great your side - you sure do look mighty fine.

  3. Hi Margaret;
    There are too few beacons....................