Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apparently, not everyone sees what I see.

When I was bidding on the pin I wore today on eBay, I thought it looked very mid-century atomic modern. I was thinking of the Jetsons and Tomorrowland and sputnik inspired design.When I showed it to my friend and fellow graduate student, Nan, she remarked that it reminded her of images of the 1939 World's Fair. This made me like it even more. Then, after I won my auction, when I showed it to Chris he said- "I'm surprised you like that- It's very Star Trek." Too late, I realized he was absolutely right. Now, when I wear the pin, although I still envision Formica dinette sets and kidney shaped coffee tables, I realize that plenty of people must think I'm wearing a Star Fleet communicator badge.
What do you see? Is it "Beam me up, Scotty"?
It's a good reminder that even though we might carefully select what we wear to create a particular impression, what we intend may not always be exactly what gets communicated (no pun intended.)
Sometimes, I think this must work in my favor. I'll be going about my day second guessing my choices, wishing I'd done something (everything) differently, convinced I'm a tragic mess, horribly boring, frumpy and completely without style, and out of the blue a compliment from a friend or stranger will remind me that I am often my own harshest critic.
Today was one of those tragic mess days for me. I ran out of the house in a hurry and wasn't pleased with how I looked all day. But now that I see these pictures I can see that I look pretty much like I always do. So now I have photographic evidence that I should lighten up a bit and cut myself some slack.
I try to lighten up a little
Today I wore:
black long sleeve shirt- gap
grey cardigan- gap
jeans- gap
silver pin- eBay
purple patent leather flats- nordstrom

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  1. This is from Nan who commented about the 1939 World's Fair: I thought the pin looked like the Trylon and Perisphere of the 1939 World's Fair. The round shape looks like the elevated walkway that visitors used to exit the exhibit after viewing "The City of the Future". The General Motors exhibit "Futurama" gave visitors a pin when they left saying "I have seen the future". Margaret;s pin looks like that.