Monday, January 31, 2011

Reality vs. rock star

The reality of these boots, on me, is a bit different from what I had imagined when I ordered them. You might wonder why I imagined that I would have skinny rock star heroin addict thighs when these boots arrived. You might wonder, but I have no satisfactory answer to give you. Not only did I imagine toothpick legs emerging from the top of these boots, I imagined denim clad toothpicks. The reality is that there is no way a single additional fiber of anything is coming between my legs and these boots. I actually didn't think I was going to be able to zipper them over my calves when I initially tried them on.
Last quarter a group of students in my lab/discussion section conducted a research project that examined students' perceptions of different styles of shoes. They included an image of a boot similar to these in their survey. The survey results indicated that the boots in question were not a big hit at my university, especially with male students. I particularly remember one quote from a male student who said something to the effect that the boots looked like an item that would indicate that their wearer was "not from around here." I imagine that he probably meant that "around here" people wear regular stuff and not weird stuff like over the knee wedge boots. But I prefer to think that when people here see me in my rock star boots (even with out my having rock star legs) they think I must come from some wonderful faraway place where everyone wears totally awesome boots all the time. (Even if that place only exists in my imagination, much like my rock star skinny legs.)
Who cares if I have thighs like tree trunks? My boots kick ass!
Fantastic news- today there were ten!!! photos that I was willing to post to the blog. I actually got to pick my favorites rather than just select the ones that made me cringe the least. This might be good for me after all.
Not a great photo of me- but the boots look great!

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