Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If more people wore hats...

Whenever I wear a hat someone invariably says to me- "I love your hat; I wish people still wore hats." Or- "I love your hat; I would love to see people wear hats more often." Or- "I love your hat; I wish I could wear hats." I can't say that I disagree with them. I too love my hats, and I would love it if people wore hats more often, and I generally wish people would wear hats, especially people who claim to really want to wear them.
It seems rude of me to want to respond to these compliments with a terse- "Well, wear hats then." But logically, if all the people who claim to want to wear hats, wore hats, a lot more people would be wearing hats. I don't have any special hat wearing magic tips to share. You just put the thing on your head and you go about your business. And I don't buy the whole I can't wear hats/I don't look good in hats excuse. I wasn't really so long ago that almost everyone wore hats almost all of the time. Have you ever seen a vintage photograph of anyone wearing a hat and thought- "Oh no, that poor woman was obviously not a hat person,"? Everyone was a hat person when everyone wore hats.
I'll admit it does take a little bit of effort to wear a hat these days, a little bit of courage. People will look at you. But they're looking at you anyway. And mostly what they're thinking is- "Cool hat. I wish I could wear hats."

Today I wore:
navy felt fedora: wayne wichern millinery (the official name of this hat is the Z fedora but I refer to mine as the film noir fedora)
grey v-neck sweater: gap
jeans: gap
grey boots: nordstrom

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