Monday, February 21, 2011

High C.

After racing around picking up the house and cleaning our downstairs bathroom in preparation for having a friend over I left myself only twenty minutes to shower and get dressed today. I wasn't thrilled with my choice but since today was a very relaxed day my clothes didn't cause me too much consternation. My friend and I lounged on my sofa and watched an old movie courtesy of TCM while eating fruit and brie and drinking tea. For my friend this qualifies as research- the movie part, not the tea and brie part- for her dissertation. For me this just qualifies as great fun. The movie was only okay, but the brie and the conversation were fantastic.

I don't mean to seem overly negative but I want to examine what I don't think worked here: 1. Seasonal inappropriateness- I like the skirt but its still a bit cool here for summery linen and sandals. 2. Deadly boring basics- the ubiquitous square black top returns. I need a better fitting, more flattering, go-to black top. 3. No attention to detail- call me critical but I think sandals really require painted toenails. Otherwise I'd say it was a solid C+. It fulfills the basic requirements of the assignment but it doesn't demonstrate mastery of the materials or reveal any original thought.

I try a little can-can dancer flair to liven up a boring outfit.

Even better with a pedicure.

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