Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After the thrird try, you just have to go with what you've got on.

I had some trouble getting dressed this morning. I woke up with this grand idea of having a reoccurring weekly blog post where I would wear an item I wasn't sure I wanted to keep in my wardrobe and then decide based on the photos and comments whether to hold onto it, alter it, wear it a different way, or just let it go. I had a garment in mind- a perfect candidate to begin this process: an over-sized army green tunic top with kimono style sleeves. Don't bother looking for the photos of the aforementioned garment. There aren't any. I couldn't bring myself to wear it today. My second attempt at getting dressed and out the door also failed. This is my third attempt. At some point you just have to decide enough is enough and get out of the house.

The garment that inspired the, now rejected, weekly post idea is one of those pieces of clothing that in principle should work but in reality, just doesn't. I like the color. I'm a big fan of knit tops in general. It ties under the bust which usually flatters me. But wearing it makes me feel like I'm a refugee from Sherwood Forest. This, honestly, is probably unnecessarily enhanced by the fact that I always seem to try to pair the top with the same boots I'm wearing in today's outfit photos. Together these items acquire a very *merry men* flavor. My failed attempt at creating a workable outfit with the green tunic did have an upside. I have decided that it will be much more flattering hemmed at the low hip. So the tunic has left my wardrobe and now waits in the workroom for a remodel. I will post before and after photos when this is done. Probably not any time soon, I warn you, in case you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see how this turns out.

Just add a tunic and its men in tights time!

You'll notice the reappearance of my glass heart necklace. New jewelry gets an unfair amount of attention. I tend to favor the new stuff. And it doesn't hurt to reinforce the jewelry gift giving behavior by showing how pleased I am with Chris's choice. The other necklace is also one of my favorites. It's a pencil in a sterling silver case. I had been coveting the pen necklace often worn by Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) on Mad Men:

Image from FashionBinge

This sterling silver pencil belonged to my great aunt by marriage and is engraved with her initials. My mother kept it in her jewelry box with out a chain for some time and, when I expressed an interest in it (begged for it) she graciously passed it down to me. I added the chain and I wear it often. I like to think that Elsie would be pleased that I try to tell what little I know of her story whenever anyone asks me about her necklace. I'm told Elsie was very stylish and modern. I met her once when she was already in a nursing home but I remember her as being beautifully put together and impeccably dressed, especially in comparison to my slovenly teenage style.

I'm happy that my necklace captures the feeling of the Joan Holloway necklace I admire, without being exactly the same, and that it has a personal story I am doing my best to keep alive. I wish I knew more about Elsie.

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