Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suck it ! (in)

I love the way I look in this dress when I have my stomach sucked in so hard that I can only breathe in tiny little sips of air. I suck in my gut, and stand up as straight as I can, and I give myself a big fat smile in the mirror. And then I let it all hang out and get over it. I wish I could maintain the great posture firm abs facade for more than a minute or two but I can't. Still, sucking it in makes me feel hopeful. I'm not completely happy with my weight at it's current level but I believe that if I had more muscle tone in my middle I could be content. And I think if you can suck it in to the point where you like it, then you should be able to tone it up to that point too. Basically, I believe that sucking it in shows you what's possible. Seeing is believing.

Chris and I have been walking together a couple nights a week to increase our fitness level. Walking is supposed to be good for your core but I think I'd like to add some other exercises to firm my tummy and improve my posture. I have a bit of a sway back and I have a tendency to slouch. If I could begin to overcome these things I know I'd look much better in my clothes.

I may never again be as thin as I used to be but I know I can be healthier and happier.

The black enamel heart necklace is another gift from Chris. This came from the same store in Seattle where I got the necklace I wore in this post. I'm amused by the visual reference to black hearts. Chris doesn't really think that I have a black heart- this necklace came in both red and black and I picked the black.

A more realistic side view.

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