Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love these shoes.

Let’s just start with the fact that I adore these shoes. I think they’re very film noir. They are going to need some serious breaking in time (I brought some flats along with me today too, or I’d be crippled by now) and some of those sticky-cushy things to keep me from walking right out of them once they are broken in.

These were acquired Monday evening, on sale, at Anthropologie. Chris and I were out shopping for a new food processor and I suggested we pop in to Anthro- “Just to look.” I don’t know why Chris continues to believe this lie, or why I continue to suggest that I’m merely on a reconnaissance mission rather than indulging in a full scale operation to procure. Chris took my deception in stride, offering- “If you love them, then you should get them. But what would you wear them with?” I was ready with my response- “A brown pencil skirt and my leopard coat.” But unfortunately said pencil skirt is actually a figment of my imagination; I own no such skirt. So I ended up in this today, which really doesn’t do these shoes justice.

Even when this dress fit me well, which it no longer does, I had mixed feelings about it. It used to flatter my figure and whenever I wore it I received compliments on it but I think the style is a little too sweet for me. At my current weight it’s certainly not as flattering and my increased width makes the skirt shorter than I would like. 

To focus on the positive, in addition to these shoes, I’m loving my new shorter haircut, the bird necklace, and my curvy calves. My (fifteen and a half inch!!!) calves make boots a challenge sometimes but I love the way they femme up pumps and a skirt. (As if pumps and a skirt really needed femme-ing up.)

I hadn't intended to wear the cardigan all day, I just wanted to have it on hand because it can be really cold in the buildings on campus sometimes, and in our lab especially. But then I ended up leaving home without my coat so I never actually took off the cardigan.
knit dress: nordstrom
pink cardigan: macys
brown tights: no idea
brown crocodile pumps: anthropologie
bird necklace: from a store in Seattle that features local designers

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