Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mediocre outfit: Number two in a series.

Here's a  major conundrum of *What I Wore* blogging: I wanted to wear something today that I hadn't yet posted. And I ended up in another outfit I'm not happy in. I rejected several options that would have looked better and that I would have been happier wearing because I was going to wear them in precisely the same way as I did the last time I wore them and I'd already posted them here. So, I'm essentially trying to keep my blog interesting by wearing crappy outfits.

This is counter to every reason I wanted to have a blog. I wanted this blog to help me be more objective about how I look and how I dress. I thought that posting pictures of what I wore would help me identify what I really like to wear so I could wear things I really like more often. So how did I end up in this unbecoming outfit today? This morning I passed up several things I really like to wear and left the house in something I don't feel good wearing. I certainly did not want to have a blog where I show pictures of me feeling unhappy in my clothes and complain about how I look. With my minimizing plan I've been trying to work towards a wardrobe model where I'll have fewer things to wear but I'll wear the things I love more often. I wonder if I wouldn't be happiest with a closet full of identical, perfectly fitted, sheath dresses in a variety of fabrics. (In my imagination I've made all these perfectly fitted sheaths myself, and I also have very toned arms.) But would this imaginary wardrobe make for an interesting blog? Can you say- "accessories"?!?!

I usually enjoy wearing this skirt. I especially like to wear it when I'm doing something with Chris and he is wearing his army green cargo shorts. His and hers outfits are unforgivably dorky, I know, but I've always thought of this as my Chris-skirt since Chris wears cargo shorts pretty much every day that it is warm enough to do so. You might say they were his signature- if they weren't also the signature of every other guy in California between the ages of three and 103.

I've been trying out leggings. They're something I like on other people but I never seem to be happy with the way they look on me. It just seems that whatever I try to pair leggings with, I'm always convinced that tights would have looked better. Leggings just might become a minimizing plan casualty. I've already learned two important things by blogging: 1. I look about a billion times better when I'm smiling. And 2. Leggings are not for me.

Sadly, this was actually the most flattering of the side views. Aaargh!

At least I can safely say that this is one outfit that you won't be seeing here again! And tomorrow brings another opportunity to get myself dressed.

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