Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday's outfits.

When I bought the boots I'm wearing here at DSW, for (I think) about $125 my receipt said something like- "You saved $1200." I find this rather amusing. The boots are great. I love them and wear them often, and Chris has finally tired of making pirate jokes when I do- but $125 was a splurge for me at the time. Twelve hundred dollars would have covered a year's tuition for me then. Paying $125 for boots meant that I went without other things like unnecessary coffees and meals with friends. I'm happy to own these boots, and I think they're well worth the $125 I paid, but I can't fathom paying $1325 for them.

The relationship between what things are worth and what they cost is a strange one. There's a part of me that wonders if I don't like these boots more because I believe that they were, at some point, really expensive. And is there someone out there who paid a whopping $1325 for these boots and thinks that they paid what they were worth and that they got what they paid for?

I had hoped it would be warmer. I was actually about to leave the house without a jacket but grabbed this one at the last minute. I ended up being cold all day and never taking off the jacket, or the scarf.

There is a weird shadow in this photo, but I wanted to show the boot tops and the belt at the back of the jacket.
All in all, Tuesdays outfit wasn't a raging success in my opinion. I was cold, and I felt pretty frumpy. The black and blue combination seems too unremittingly dark and the scarf, which I was hoping tied it all together does nothing helpful visually. At least it did keep me warm.

Which brings us to today-

Today's outfit is a bit of a departure for me. I usually don't wear anything this figure revealing. Comparing the pictures from yesterday and today I'm forced to admit that this tighter, lighter shirt is much more flattering than yesterday's top. But I've been wearing my coat pretty much all day- because, as Chris commented, when he took these photos this morning- "That sure is a lot of boob!"

If you asked me what I'd rather look like- like I had large breasts or like I had a fat stomach- I'd go for the breasts. I think most women would. But it seems that I consistently choose the opposite with my clothing. Even given that I am really sucking it in here, for the photos, I can concede that I appear a lot slimmer in this outfit. The problem is that I feel fatter. And very, very exposed. I'm not sure how to reconcile this. I want to look better. I want to do the best possible job dressing the body I have. And this IS it- I mean, its all on display. Do I just push through my discomfort and hope I eventually get used to it?


  1. I love the cuffed boots that you paid $1200.00 for. Do you have a rental system set up? Have I seen them?

  2. Hi Nan Sews the Dress,
    I think you must have seen these boots before. I wear them relatively often. However, I don't think you would have seen them and thought, "Now that looks like an obscenely expensive pair of boots!" They just look like run of the mill black boots- that a pirate might wear, or a musketeer. They are a bit costumey looking.