Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm on Vacation!

We arrived safely in New Zealand on Friday. I was pretty happy with the comfortable enough for a twelve hour flight, but not too sloppy, layered outfit that I wore on the plane but I was far too rushed to take a photo of it before we left, and I was too travel weary to do so once we arrived. I'm planing on wearing exactly the same thing to fly home so I'll post it then. We spent an overcast Saturday lounging around my father's house and, since I didn't even bother to take a shower, there are no pictures from Saturday either. Today was a gorgeous day, and I managed to get up and showered and dressed so there are photos!

It is actually Sunday here. I'm not sure if the date on the blog will reflect this. Not that it really matters, but I think the date stamps will be a bit off until I return.

Chris and I wandered around Palmerston North this afternoon. It's the town I grew up in and I feel at home here but my accent marks me as a tourist rather than a local. My camera battery died while taking these outfit photos so I wasn't able to take pictures in town today. I'm charging it now to be sure not to miss any photo opportunities in the future.

I found a wonderful book on New Zealand fashion that I can't live without. I came back to the house and immediately got online to see if I could get it from Amazon so I could avoid having to lug it back home and have it delivered to my doorstep instead. No such luck. I will have to carry the heavy thing back myself. I did find another book on Amazon in the process of searching for the unavailable book which I am going to order when I get back home:

This one is available on Amazon

Here's the blurb:

"Offering a fresh look at the role of clothes in New Zealand history, this reference examines what New Zealanders wear and what they have worn—from the shrinking bathing suit to the black singlet—over the past three centuries, proving that clothing reveals as much as it conceals. The authors show that, despite a reputation for being wary of “looking flashy,” New Zealand has not always been a dowdy country."

Totally right up my alley!

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