Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashioning fashion at the LACMA.

Today my sister, my mother and I met my aunt at the LA County Art Museum to see the Fashioning fashion exhibition. The clothes were amazing. I took lots of photos, even though I already bought the exhibition catalog, which contains plenty of pictures taken by much better photographers than I. My sister obliged me by taking photos of me for the blog but I was too embarrassed to have her take as many as I usually make Chris take.

Inside the exhibition hall.

Luckily, even with few pictures to select from, I was able to find a couple that I liked. I was worried all day that I was going to have to post outfit photos that captured me with a weird look on my face or from a terrible angle because I was too shy to admit that I usually take about fifty photos in order to have three that I actually like.

My aunt peruses the exhibition catalog while I pose. Yeah! Textiles!
I was much happier with this outfit than when I wore the skirt with the shapeless black top. However, I still haven't managed to paint my toenails. I will have to make sure I do this before our trip next week- I'm going to be wearing sandals most of the time in New Zealand.

A distance shot for context.

And a closeup for the outfit.

A collection of bustles.

Amazing stripes that my photography skills do not do justice.

With very slight alteration I could see this jacket at Anthropologie (and I'd buy it.)

I so wish this could be me.

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