Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Incontrovertible proof that I'm a total geek

Today I'm presenting my thesis research to a group of professors and students from my department. A week ago I reserved an additional hour in the conference room and asked another graduate student if she'd meet me there in the morning before I presented. She agreed right away, asking if I intended to practice my presentation. Imagine my embarrassment when I had to admit that, though practicing sounded like a really smart idea, and was something that I probably should do as well, now that she had mentioned it, the thought of practicing in the conference room hadn't yet occurred to me. The reason I had reserved the room was so I could take outfit photos there and post them to my blog, prior to presenting, so that when I referred to my blog in my talk, there I would be on the screen, in the same clothes, in the same room, on the blog, and in person. I was already orchestrating this meta-moment and I hadn't yet begun working on the actual presentation.

My current (but by no means final) title.

I also think it's hysterically funny, when someone compliments something I'm wearing, to respond- "If you like it now, wait 'till you see it tonight on my blog!" Yep, I'm officially a complete nerd.

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