Thursday, March 3, 2011

Road Trip!: I pack for a five day excursion to Southern California.

I’ve always aspired to be a great traveler. In reality I’m really miserable at it. I always get stressed and grumpy. I’m perpetually uncomfortable. I never manage to pack what I need. I end up wherever I am wishing I had brought completely different clothes from the ones in my suitcase. I’ll admit that the clothes I generally wish I’d brought are usually not clothes that I actually own, but left at home, they’re usually things I don’t even own. A large part of my dream of stylish minimalism is to own a wardrobe that works so well that I could get the call- you know, "The Call," the one that goes- “We need to fly to Paris this afternoon. Meet me at the airport in an hour.”  And I could race home, tear things from hangers and throw them in a suitcase and jump in a cab secure in the knowledge that I’ll look fantastic in what I’ve chosen because I look fantastic in all my clothes.

The catalog for the exhibition that inspired this trip.

I’m not there yet, and I’m not convinced I ever will be, but I keep hoping. My goal for this trip is to end up clothed in something I like enough to post to the blog everyday and not to take more than one rolling suitcase. The truth be told, a rolling suitcase (large carry-on sized) is about what I need for any trip, overnight or extended stay. Chris can manage to go away for a weekend with just a backpack but I always end up bringing a suitcase-full. But I can manage a month long trip with the same suitcase (provided there are laundering opportunities.) We have a two week overseas trip planned soon so this mini road trip with my mom is going to serve as a practice session. On this trip I'm going to the LACMA to see the Fashioning fashion exhibition.

Everything I'm packing.

Here’s what I’m taking:
Dark skinny jeans
Striped sailor pants
Black yoga pants
Red linen skirt
Multi-colored dress
Tank top
2 White t-shirts
Long sleeved white athletic top
Black athletic jacket
Purple cashmere cardigan
Navy cashmere cardigan
Purple patent ballet flats
Red cork soled wedges
Walking shoes and socks
Sports bra

Makeup, toiletries, underwear and socks are not pictured.

I did replace the athletic shoes (pictured in the bottom right of the above photo) with a smaller pair of sneakers that are not as good for fitness walking, but are considerably smaller for packing. We'll see how this goes.

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