Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wayne Wichern Trunk Show.

This is yesterday's outfit. I got home to late last night to post.

This is what I wore to attend the special preview evening for milliner Wayne Wichern's Fifteenth Annual Fall Trunk Show at Fino Fino.

I currently own three of Wayne's hats. Only one has made it onto the blog so far. I must remedy that as soon as the temperature around here drops a bit more- they're all fall felts. This is the second time on the blog for this fedora. The official name of this hat is the 'Z fedora' because of the unusual shape of the crease in the crown. In my house this hat is affectionately known as the 'Film Noir Fedora' because when I first acquired it I insisted on giving myself a noir detective style voice over: "From the minute the dame stepped into my office I could tell she was trouble- the kind of trouble that ends with a bullet. I should have sent her packing. But what can I say? I'm a sucker for a dame."

These are the hats that were my favorites from the trunk show. The photos are from my cell phone so you'll have to excuse the quality.

Contestant number one: 
A double brimmed sixties style cloche in red and black. Last night I was thinking it has a bit of an Audrey Hepburn in Charade kind of vibe, but today I've been looking stills from the movie and all she seems to be wearing are pillboxes and scarves. This looks to be the closest to what I was imagining and it's not the same at all!
Image from here.

Contestant number two:
The 'Grande Rose Cloche' in pistachio. This would be a big departure from my usual style. I don't usually do flowers on hats. This hat was the front runner for a while. I loved it in person but then I saw myself in the photos. More photos were taken of this hat than any of the others and I wasn't thrilled with any of them. I feel that, being a blogger, one has to defer to the photographic evidence. The photos in this case say 'crazy' not 'cute.'

Contestant number three: 
The 'Lena Cloche.'  I'd have this made in khaki (similar to the pistachio above but slightly less yellow) with a contrasting bow/band in navy. This style is one that I've had my eye on for a while. It's an easy hat to wear and the scale is good for my face. This would be a great *grab and go* hat for me- something I could jam on my head and go to brunch in without fixing my hair. In spite of all the things this hat has going for it I always seem to end up picking something a bit more striking; something that's a bit more challenging to wear.  And this time is no exception.

I chose hat number one. Wayne is making a slightly scaled down version for me as everyone agreed this one looks a little large on me. And why did I choose this one? Because when I sent these photos to Chris, he sent me a text saying he fell more in love seeing me in hat number one. Well, there was a texting typo so actually what he said was, "Honestly...I fell even more in live with you in hat #1," but I got the message.

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