Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I do know what I like, it seems.

I almost purchased this knit top yesterday:

It's available at Lands' End if you like it too.

I talked myself out of it because (a) I have a number of striped items in my current wardrobe, (b) I don't really need it and I wouldn't really fill any wardrobe gaps for me and (c) I could easily sew a top like this in an hour or two and I could do a nicer job of aligning the stripes at the shoulder seams.

Turns out I'd feel pretty stupid now if I had ordered this because I already own something similar.

I've worn this several times on the blog before but as a shirt rather than a cardigan. (Here for example.) I did not realize until today that it could be unbuttoned. I was having trouble getting it to sit properly and I felt that it was pulling in an unflattering way at the buttons-- buttons which I previously assumed were merely decorative. They aren't. They easily open to transform this shirt into a flowing cardigan. Yeah!

I tend to gravitate to a cardigan that, like this one, hangs widely open. I prefer the fabric to fall away from my chest rather than drape over it. I think it allows me to affect a look that feels drapey and loose but doesn't end up just looking lumpy and enormous because it doesn't do anything to flatter my curves.

I am not sure how I feel about these jeans. I bought them to fill the gap left by the demise of this pair. (Those were Gap brand True Straight, I believe.) However, I don't like the way the replacements look cuffed. And I think they look too tight for what I wanted. And they definitely look too tight in this light wash for the way they fit now. I have tighter jeans than this in dark washes but, to my eye, light denim should look loose.

On the plus side these jeans are a little longer than most of my jeans so they look okay with heels and with clunky shoes like these. And they have a nice high rise so sitting in them isn't problematic. And, at some point in the future, if I stick to my weight loss plan (finally starting to lose again BTW,) they may fit more like the Gap jeans. So, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach. What I'd really like is a pair of medium wash loose straight jeans that have selvages at the side seams. Selvage edges look much more chic when turned up than over-locked edges. I believe the now defunct Gap pair had this feature but I can't remember exactly and I can't quite tell from the photos.

These men's shoes have become something like sneakers for me. My comfortably casual shoe of choice. Not pretty, but practical. Wonderful in unexpected rain showers. They are great for walking or standing and the reddish brown leather is gorgeous and seems to go with everything. Well, every pair of pants at least-- they look hysterically ridiculous with a skirt. I tried.


  1. What an amazingly similar cardigan to the Land's End one! I think it's so exciting to discover new ways to wear items in my closet like that. It looks great!

  2. I love your man shoes! Maybe if you wore heavy textured tights you'd like them with a skirt... The shirt looks great as a cardigan. Wonderful discovery!

  3. I love those shoes!!! If I could find some nice ones I'd definitely buy them. My feet are small and don't fit in men's shoes. If they did, I could get some really cool ones. If you really want to change up the look of them, try different colored laces. Go out the the Cole Haan website and check out some examples.

  4. That's awesome you had that shirt that looks so similar to that cardigan you wanted. I love the nautical look. Your hair is fabulous.

  5. Ha, I stopped in the middle of your post to look at the inside seam of my jeans. This is a detail about them I've never considered before!

  6. At least you know your taste is consistent!

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