Thursday, March 29, 2012

Following your suggestions.

I'm not actually wearing this outfit again, I swear. Three days in a row of the same sweater would be overdoing it a bit. But you guys threw me so many good suggestions yesterday I had to try some of them out right away. If you don't see your suggestion attempted here it's either because I don't own the item you recommended or because my husband could only be prevailed upon to take so many pictures of this outfit before he snapped.

With the sweater out, wedge boots, and a "constellation" of pins:

These pins looked great. I've worn these three together before and when I read Louise's suggestion (don't you just love that phrasing?) they were what immediately sprang to mind. 
Adrienne was right about the waist line making me look short-waisted. I'm not, but because my chest is very large (and becoming increasingly low) higher waists often make it seem as if my waist and my boobs are long lost friends rushing to embrace each other. Even Chris noted that having the sweater un-tucked made all the difference in the world.
I'd rejected these boots yesterday, without trying them, because I thought they would be too tall for the skirt. Turns out I like the effect a lot.

With the same boots, a red scarf and a slim belt:

The neckline of the sweater is perfect for wearing a scarf like this. It's impossibly difficult to see in photos but it's like a cross between a mock turtleneck and a cross-over V-neck. So the effect is like a turtleneck with a sweet little triangle notched out at the front of the throat. I slipped this handkerchief sized silk scarf inside the neck of the sweater. Finally, a successful attempt at wearing a 'lady scarf.' But does it remind anyone else of Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief?

With a metal belt:

This was the closest thing I had to a metal belt. I think this combination might be my favorite. It seems the most authentically me.

With different boots and a pin on the hat:

This is a bit more of a casual look. I've already determined that this skirt and these boots would look better together if I wore lighter colored tights but I still don't have any so I didn't get to test that theory today. The feather pin is a wonderful pin to wear in a hat both because hats often do have real feathers and because of the visual "feather in your cap" pun. I would have also liked to show you this same pin on the collar of the sweater but I had exhausted my husband's patience.


  1. You did an amazing job with these looks.
    I LOVE the skinny belt. You look so tiny! I'm glad you're trying the scarf thing. It really looks nice. Also like the lower slung belt. I think I tend to like wearing mine low....or think it looks better on me that way, but I'm not really sure. I'll have to ask for reader feedback on that one.
    Anyway - you look great! :)

  2. Love all the looks today. The boots does the best job of making the whole look a stylish one. I like the mod belt look too and the small red scarf - it adds a very french chic touch.

  3. I'm catching up on your blog by reading your posts I don't know what yesterday's problem was, but this is a very sleek look. I don't know which I like better the three broaches or the little scarf. But the entire look is just excellent.

  4. Wow, small changes with big results. Cool mod belt. I love that photo of Cary Grant too!!

  5. Just awesome, fantastic looks. Love the three variations. Please may I use these pics - I'm doing a little write up for our internal electronic newletter (I'll forward a copy)? Would be very appreciate :-)

    1. Thank you so much Margaret - much appreciated.

  6. I just love these looks! Very sassy casual and the boots are great with that skirt. You are so a beret hat lady and the pins are terrific on the hat.
    My husband is a reluctant photographer too!

  7. I am totally digging these looks as well. LOVE THE PINS! you did so well with accessorizing! Beautiful. I agree with Melanie above, small changes with big results.

    Heather at

  8. I love that you followed up the last post by trying the suggestions and showing them to us! Your pin constellation is EXACTLY what I had in my head. And the huge feather pin? Want.

    I really like the red scarf. One just has to get past one's previous associations with scarves, I think. I know I did. "Oh, flight attendant's uniform!" Hmm, but do the colors look good near your face? Does the scarf make the outfit finished? Is it keeping your neck warm?

    I didn't see Cary Grant until you popped his photo right after yours. My suggestion: don't carry Cary around to show everyone ;-)

  9. Like Terri, I'm running behind and reading backwards. I think all of these looks are just great, but the metal belt, in particular, is amAAAAAAAzing. My favorite!