Monday, March 19, 2012

Sometimes you need some sparkles.

Enter: the sequined cardigan- just what the doctor ordered.

I'd been moping about under a black cloud feeling sorry for myself for too long. I'd been terribly down on myself, bemoaning my lack of satisfaction with my appearance, my academic career, my creative skills, my wardrobe, and the rate at which dirty dishes get clean around here. I hadn't felt much like posing for pictures and I hadn't put much effort towards even getting dressed. And all of this kind of begets feeling even crappier. Time to break the cycle. Throw on some sequins and go to town.

This vintage sequined cardigan was a recent thrift store purchase. I made a quick mid-week trip to the bay area to visit my mother and attend a slide lecture on an exhibition that is currently at the Legion of Honor. (We will go see the exhibition itself this weekend.) Mom and I managed to squeeze in a quick thrifting trip in the morning before I drove home. This super sparkly cardigan was part of my haul.

The cardigan is in mint condition. Actually, I'm not sure it was ever worn- the lining is perfect and unmarked, the sequins are 100% intact, there's no discoloration anywhere- it's in fantastic shape. I hemmed and hawed a bit about the fifteen dollar asking price and then decided I couldn't leave it behind without running the risk of kicking myself over passing it up for the rest of my life.

Both the shape and the color of the cardigan are tricky for me. The boxy, almost Asian looking, sixties style of the cardigan isn't one that is particularly flattering for my curves. I had envisioned wearing this with a simple black dress underneath. When I tried the combination I found that the hem of the cardigan fell exactly at the widest part of my hip and the result was an unappealing, blocky rectangle from shoulders to skirt hem. Paired with jeans, I think, this rectangle effect is reduced, but I'm convinced I can probably do better. I'm currently imagining wearing it with a bright blue A-line skirt. (I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I do not currently own said skirt, right?)

I was worried that the color of this cardigan, which shifts between classic cream and a light lemony yellow depending on the light, might either wash me out, or cause my hair to look really yellow. My hair has a tendency to appear yellow or- horror- green, when I wear those colors. It looked fine to me in the mirror but photos seem to be the true test. On my screen, at least, it appears platinum and not the ducking yellow of which I was afraid.

The verdict: One mood lifting cardigan = fifteen dollars well spent.

I'm linking to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style because, well, sequins to the grocery store on a dreary, overcast Monday afternoon? Yeah, I was more visible than I've been in a long, long while! Click through to see what everyone else wore to stand out today.


  1. This sweater would have haunted me if I had passed it up too. I know that there have been rare occasions that I've gone back to find such items and been lucky they were still there. Thrifting almost always feels therapeutic to you have a bright blue dress, and not just a skirt? I'd be curious to see it that way.

    1. Hmmm...I have a navy blue dress with what one might describe as an open Nehru collar, and a tie belt at the waist. That might just work. I'll have to try that soon. And put the bright blue dress on my ever longer list of things to sew...someday.

  2. I think you got a bargain on the cardi. It is beautiful! It would indeed brighten my day if it were mine.
    I could see it with a high waisted dark blue skirt and a white blouse with a delicate print in yellow, blue or pink. I saw something like that in a Paris street view, but I don't remember where darn it!

  3. This is indeed a mood-lifting sweater, and a wonderful find, Margaret. You look sparkly and full of energy! Thanks so much for sharing your sparkles with Visible Monday.

  4. Love the sparkly cardi, you look great in it. It looks like a similar shade to your hair colour, which is gorgeous. Hope you will continue to feel better. When I feel the blues, I remind myself it's my menopausal hormones, not that my life is crappy and I often feel better.