Friday, March 23, 2012

Another layered casual outfit.

I wore this today for cleaning the house and driving to the bay area. I've always love this kimono sleeved sweater. It's one of those magical pieces that somehow hugs all the right places while skimming gracefully over the lumps. I can't keep the sleeves out of any meal I consume, though.

I'm wearing my three favorite necklaces. Two of which (the hearts) were Valentines gifts from my husband and the other is actually a silver pencil holder that used to belong to my great aunt Elsie.

The yellow shoes always make me smile.


  1. I like this look on you the colors work the style lines work and the necklaces are cool because of the sentimental value..

  2. Oh, I like the varied lengths of the necklaces in this look.

  3. I keep thinking I can't do the layered necklace look, but you are really rocking it. You've inspired me to keep trying!