Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Same sweater. Different day. Still boring.

I think it's me. And the sweater. I mean, the sweater is pretty basic and I'm not sure exactly what I'm expecting it to do really, other than look like a basic black pullover, at which it is doing a perfectly adequate job. A wardrobe needs basics. This is a nice sweater. It fits well. It looks nice both tucked in and untucked. So, nothing wrong with the sweater- it must be me.

I'm feeling bored with my clothes. And I know from experience that simply getting new ones won't help. Or rather, it won't help for long. I've also put myself on a spending moratorium after blowing way past my self-imposed ten dollar a week clothing budget. So there will be no new additions to the wardrobe to liven things up for a while.

But, getting back to my original concern- it's not the clothes themselves. It's me. So, I'm wondering what to do. Should I stop posting boring outfits until my attitude improves? Or keep posting and trying to snap myself out of this funk? Observe radio silence? Or blog on through? 

I tried to spice today's incarnation of the basic black sweater up with some necklaces but the neck of the sweater just wouldn't play nice. I'd welcome any suggestions on what might perk up an outfit like this one and give it some panache. A scarf maybe? An armload of bracelets?  Massive chandelier earrings? What would you do?


  1. A scarf! Perfect outfit for a scarf ... (or even a men's tie, or a bow or something) experiment with patterns and colors and ways to tie it, and it would look great. And then depending on what colors are in the scarf, you could add some arm candy. Also maybe boots? Some kind of a metal belt might look kind of cool too.

  2. I don't like the stark black with that skirt. I think a white shirt tied loosely over a black-cami would work better. Put the colllar up and push up the sleeves.
    I think the turtleneck tucked in is cutting you in half and making you look short waisted which you are not. I like the beret and shoes and hose. My two cents.

  3. Don't you have a black sequin sweater wear it over a white cami or a black cami with this skirt I think it will really play nicely off of this skirt.

  4. It looks pretty and classic. But I know what you mean about boring. I am always wearing black and it gets boring after a while. So I layer on accessories, big bold necklaces or a pin or a flower. If that still doesn't work, I eat chocolate :)

  5. I think this outfit definitely needs some interest up near your face. The black would make a great background for a number of options. As Kari said, a scarf would work well and a man's tie would be uber fun and funky.

    Since necklaces won't play nice, how about a constellation of brooches? I can't really make out out the sweater's neckline to see if pins would work better on the collar or near the shoulder. I also love the look of pins on hats, so the beret is another canvas for broochy art...

  6. I like your look in this post and in your last one too. There is something to be said for a sophisticated line and muted colour palette. You wear these pieces so well! But if you feel bored, well... A little red flower on the hat or a red kerchief scarf a la Paris, red gloves, a bold red bangle? I like the man's tie suggestion too.

  7. I love your flats, especially because they have french tip on them. You look very lovely in these outfit.

    xoxo Heidi Caterina