Monday, December 19, 2011

Eating my words.

Why, you ask? Because these are on my (very happy) feet today:

For years I've been pretty vocal about my belief that Uggs and their brethren were the scourge of the footwear world. But when I tore open my Christmas present from my father today (I'm an adult so I am not required to delay gratification), I fell in love with these cozy beauties. So now I'm eating my words because although these are not Uggs- they're from a New Zealand company called Canterbury Sheepskin- the idea is pretty much the same.

These are acceptable, right?  As long as I never wear them with bare legs and mini skirt in the middle of winter? (Yes, UCD undergrads, bare legs in the freezing cold is ri-dic-u-lous, even if your boots are very warm.)

Today's outfit was inspired by this lovely blogger.  I'm a sucker for stripes. I found myself obsessed with the way her striped sleeves were sticking out of her coat. I love the look of layered sleeves. My rendition doesn't have the same sweet sophistication hers does but, for house cleaning, which is what I did today, I think it's pretty snazzy.

I'm linking up to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. Click though to see what everyone else is wearing.


  1. I do love those warm fuzzy boots too, Margaret - and they look great with your striped top and sweater. Anyway, I don't always follow the fashion "rules" : > Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that I could help! You look great!!!

  3. You may change my mind about uggs too. Very cool outfit and really like the striped top. I love visible monday and (please don't be offended) I love to see women dressing visibly who are NOT twigs.

  4. Amen on the UCD undergrads wearing next to nothing during cold *bloop* weather, haha. Then they're the ones who are sick...and get everyone who wisely bundled up sick. Anyway, cutest boots ever!! You look adorable and gorgeous :) I love your boots so much that I'm inspired to be on the lookout for similar boots; love that they have the fur trim sort of look that sets it apart from the typical monotone shaft boot look, and the little laces add a nice edgy touch I feel. :)