Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I wore to evacuate.

Today's big excitement was the discovery of a gas leak at our home. (Fixed now, thankfully.) PG&E suggested we "evacuate the area" when we called, but we spent so much time discussing "How far should we go? And should we take the cat? And can we start the car without the place exploding?" that by the time we got out the door the truck was pulling up.

There seems to be something about shopping, for me at least, that becomes a self perpetuating cycle. Sure, I can wear this new dress with this purple cardigan that I already own, but now I want a fitted blazer to go over it. Something with a bit more shape, more waist definition, than this cardigan. Something I don't already own, of course. Does anyone ever get to the point where they can walk into their closet and say, "This is it; I have everything I want and need."?   Not forever, the beauty of fashion is change, but at least for a season.  Perhaps once I acquire this new fitted blazer I'll be there? (Yeah, right.)

Chris suggested I needed a photo of the dress without the sweater. The photo suggests I need to begin some sort of upper body weight training program. Thank goodness for sleeves!

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  1. You have the most beautifully colored and patterned dresses. Just lovely.
    I often come to the conclusion that, yes, I have everything I need. But it's only a matter of days (or hours) before I realize there's just one more thing I need to own to feel stylishly complete. I'm trying to learn to live without every single desired item.....at least I'm trying to postpone the impulse to buy with telling myself..."wait until you lose ten more pounds...". But that doesn't seem to be happening very rapidly and my impulse will most likely win out over my dieting willpower. At least it has so far. lol