Friday, December 16, 2011

Wet window skirt


I think the print on this skirt looks like raindrops racing down a window. The skirt was a part of the interview outfit shopping spree I indulged in recently. Since no interview has yet been forthcoming I  wore it today for grocery shopping and a trip to Target.

At first I tired to pair this skirt with some tan suede flat boots but I didn't like the way they looked with the black tights. My legs looked color blocked and choppy. I keep wondering what this would look like with tan or cream colored tights and the suede boots. In my imagination it seems as if the boots, tights, and skirt might work together to create a nice, long, neutral colored leg line. But then again, it's hard for me to believe that tan tights could ever really be flattering in real life.

I did buy some colored tights tonight at Target (two pairs of green- for my holiday outfit, and because I wished I had green tights to wear with my green dress and boots yesterday, and a pair each in purple and navy because I am a laggard in adopting the colored tights trend), but I didn't see anything in cream.


  1. How sweet is that heart bracelet? I think your outfit is absolute perfection!
    By the way, I took your advice. I took the sweater and top back. No regrets. Your advice was spot on and I think exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  2. My daughter and I really like this outfit on you.

  3. nice outfit. fits perfectly. nice for an interview