Sunday, December 4, 2011

Of course I got a new hat.

It's practically impossible for me to attend a hat show and not bring home a new hat. I did get to meet Deanna Gibbons, and another wonderful milliner, Jean Hicks.  I had a lovely evening playing with hats and chatting with talented, creative women.  What could be better?

I went through a phase a couple years ago when I couldn't get enough of these little uncut corduroy jackets from Anthropologie.  I used to work about a block away from an Anthropologie store and I would haunt the sale section. I had a policy of never paying more than $29.99 for anything. Most of the Anthro jackets I own were purchased in accordance with this policy. This one is one of the few things for which I've ever paid full price. I couldn't resist the little applique birds on the pockets or the cropped puffed sleeves.

I'm hoping that the day will come again when I can button both buttons. I thought it looked okay open so I went ahead and wore it today, and I'm leaving it in the closet as a wearable item even though, technically, I'm stretching this definition a bit. I make the rules, so I can decide when to break 'em.

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