Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A red hat, and a red letter day!

Why is this a red letter day? Because today there is a side view photo that I like enough to make it the first outfit photo you see. That has never happened before. The color of this felt cloche from Fino Fino is actually 'berry' but I'm employing poetic license here.

I was hoping to achieve a casually slouchy look with these wide legged pants and long cardigan. Slouchy can be really difficult for me to pull off. It so easily slips over the line into sloppy territory. And for a woman with, let's call it 'extra padding,' it can often end up just looking lumpy and frumpy. Today I think I've nailed the slouchy effect I was after. I think I look a bit like a character from an Agatha Christie mystery, about to go tooling around the countryside in an open roadster.


  1. Ooooooh, I love your description of your look for today. My husband and I are in the midst of watching all the Poirot series episodes on dvds. I love a good mystery!
    Your hat looks just smashing and you've beautifully incorporated those earrings, I see.

  2. Thanks Lisa,
    My husband, Chris, and I also love Poirot. Recently we have begun to watch the Miss Marple movies when they are on TCM. Not as much style, but I get a kick out of the way she is so phenomenally accomplished at everything. Chris has the Miss Marple theme music as the ring tone on his phone. It's wonderful, but the problem is he always wants to listen to the music rather than answer his phone!