Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fat pants.

I'm wearing the 'dad jeans' again:

I'm the first to admit they're not the most becoming pants in the world (or even in my closet for that matter), but I still like them. Clearly they aren't as flattering to my figure as say, this dress, but my argument is that they're not really supposed to be flattering. Does that sound crazy? I know it must. Even as I write this I think it sounds like I'm saying, "Oh, I know I don't look good in these jeans- but I don't really want to, so it's okay." That's not quite what I mean. I want look better, and I want to wear these jeans, and I can't seem to reconcile these two conflicting desires.

The problem is that these jeans aren't at all slimming. And I'm not at all slim. When skinny celebrities wear their baggy, distressed denim it's really not all that flattering for them either. Just like I do, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston both look wider, and about fifteen pounds heavier, in these photos than they normally would, but they're both very skinny to begin with. In fact, the visual effect of fifteen extra pounds on me is not that big a deal- for them it's like a twenty percent weight gain.

image from here
image from here

Does looking at photos of skinny celebrities in unflattering pants make me feel better about how I look in my own? No, but it does make me feel that I need to do this. That I need to keep blogging about what it's like to dress all five foot seven, 180 pounds of me. That I need to go on record saying, as much as I want to look my best, as much as possible, maybe looking slimmer isn't always what I want. Maybe slimmer isn't always better.



  1. I know exactly what you mean! The same thoughts occured to me recently. I decided that if I want to wear it and it makes me feel great, then I will wear it even if it may not be the most flattering look on me. I think that if you feel great in something you can make it look great too.
    I think you look really lovely in this look. It is your interpretation of the celebrity look that works for you. (no rips or tears and much nicer)

  2. Hello! Just started to follow your blog. You are such a beautiful lady! Love your style and your honesty. Also, I agree with your sentiments about perhaps not wanting to be "skinny"....I get what you are saying! I think you look great just as you are and if we are healthy with a few more pounds than when we were younger, so be it! Life is too short to agonize over losing weight, huh? I, too, am 5' 7" and weigh the same as you. All that said, if the weight comes off while getting healthy, I wouldn't be sad... Ha Ha Blessings, Paula

  3. Debbi,
    I have to admit that these are actually slightly ripped. Just on the back pocket, as if their previous owner got snagged while fleeing over a chain ink fence. Thanks for your compliments. I'm really trying to fight my own deep seated beliefs that looking skinnier = looking better. Some days I can manage this, other days not. But since it's kind of an epic battle against cultural norms I guess I can't fault myself for not winning every day.

    I'm with you. I would not mind one bit if I were to loose a few (or even a lot) of weight while becoming healthier. But as I am quite lazy and a major fan of treats, I'm not sure how likely this really is. My husband and I have big plans for some lifestyle changes in the New Year but it's not like we haven't been down this road before and manged to "double back" to our staring point. Thanks for visiting.