Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sequins and stripes.

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywear

I'm linking to Everybody, Everywear today. The theme is Sequins and Sparkles- perfectly appropriate for the season but ever so slightly difficult for a Tuesday. I'm also linking to Visible Monday- even though, as previously stated, it is in fact, Tuesday. I've mentioned that I'm trying to be more of an active involved blogger by participating in more link ups, but this week I'm off to a bad start. Yesterday I completely forgot that Mondays are always Visible Mondays over at Not Dead Yet Style. And, come on, since Monday is part of the name, how hard is it to remember? Yesterday I was too focused on today being EveryBody EveryWear and I almost missed out on Visible Monday. Luckily it's not closed yet and I do feel very visible in this stripe and sequin combination so the spirit is correct even if I did get the day wrong.

To make things worse, I woke up today remembering that there was something I wanted to link up to but until I was in the process of getting dressed I was convinced that it was Thursdays are for Thrifters at Spunky Chateau. Half dressed, I figured out that couldn't be right, as we've all agreed now that this is actually Tuesday.

I've worn almost this exact outfit before on the blog (here). And even more often in undocumented real life. I've worn the sequin cardigan with different, plain colored shirts underneath but I love the sparkle and black and white stripe combo so much that I can't imagine wearing one without the other anymore. Unfortunately tried and true combinations like this one might make for a boring blog eventually. (Not much to worry about yet though, in a year I've only hit on maybe three of these perfect-for-me combinations.)

I picked these jeans up at the thrift store this weekend. I'm resigning myself to the fact that I simply am a jeans person. They just work for my life. I'm a student, I'm unemployed, and I live in an area where people wholeheartedly embrace a casual esthetic. I'd love to be the kind of sophisticated lady that only resorts to denim on the rarest of occasions, but I'm not. At least I'm not yet. This weekend I decided to just go with it and bought two new-to-me pairs. At some point (I hope) I will be working and my jeans wearing will once again be limited to the weekends, until then why not? It's not like I'm laying out major cash for premium denim. This pair set me back all of $4.99. Maybe someday my level of sartorial sophistication will increase and I'll ditch the denim, but for now I just can't live without jeans. They're warm, washable, durable, practical, and for me, indispensable.


  1. I agree completely about jeans - they are always in style, flattering, go with everything in the closet and so affordable. AND . . . you look fantastic! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  2. Oh it is so nice to have a jeans buddy. That is pretty much all I wear since I retired. I am most comfortable in them and why not wear them. I could dress up in other things, but I have no place to go and no one to see me (well except my followers.) You do look great. This is an outfit I would certainly wear!

  3. That sequined sweater is fabulous. I'd be wearing it all the time. Love your red flats as well! And who doesn't love a great pair of jeans?

  4. fabulous!!! i don't think i've seen a sequin cardigan before.

  5. I have taken to wearing blue jeans more often lately, however, I only have one pair that fits me. A darker, dressier denim is on my list to search for next week at the thrift store.
    Love the red flats!

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