Saturday, December 10, 2011

White Christmas

No snow... but I did put up my tree and go see White Christmas at the Woodland Opera House. The light in these photos is not the greatest but I wanted so badly to pose with my tree.

This is the outfit I'm planning on wearing for our family Christmas Eve party. I think I want to add green tights next time.

Here's the coat I wore to the theater. It's a beautiful coat but the swing style isn't the most flattering shape on me. I've owned it for twenty years and I won't give it up even though when it's buttoned up I look like a giant spottted triangle with a tiny head because, in my mind, I look like Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle. I adore that movie- you gotta love a movie where the furrier gets a screen credit along with the actors.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the coat and the red dress. It looks smashing!

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  3. I adore your vibrant and charismatic holiday style! Kim would applaud you, I'm sure.
    This outfit would be perfect for the Visible Monday's link up at Patti's - Not Dead Yet blog.

  4. I adore that movie too and I think the coat looks great. YOu go, Kim NOvak imposter.