Monday, April 18, 2011

Allow me to introduce my favorite skirt.

In the six or seven or eight years I've owned this skirt it has consistently been one of my favorite things to wear. It makes me feel beautiful, sophisticated, even elegant.  Honestly, this skirt makes me feel like Grace Kelly, which is a pretty tall order for a cotton skirt from the Gap. The skirt floats, and it makes me feel as if I too am capable of floating. I lilt, I sway, I sidle when I wear this skirt. I feel as easy and feminine as can be. Today I wore it to dance class- if there's a single situation in which you want to feel floaty and feminine, it's dancing.

I'm so partial to this simple skirt that I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't yet sewn any similar skirts myself. Especially as that has been my intention for several years now. Variations on this skirt could be my warm weather uniform and I'd be perfectly happy. I'd be floating and swaying through life.

This was the first public outing for these lovely pewter shoes. Thankfully, I only wore them to and from dance class, and not while actually dancing- they need a bit more breaking in.

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