Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What happened to all my great pronouncements?

You may remember in my last post I vowed to post outfit photos every day. I also declared my intention of being active every day and of following Weight Watchers. And yesterday I didn't post, didn't exercise, and didn't diet. I have a very good excuse:

My day was off to a really great start. I was organized enough to pack a healthy lunch, and I remembered to bring water in my aluminum bottle. Chris obliged me by taking outfit photos before I left for school. And I arrived in plenty of time at my eyebrow waxing appointment  before making my way to campus. Then, as I was walking through the hall I suddenly slipped for no reason at all and found myself flying through the air! I landed, literally, flat on my face, and then, propelled by the force of my fall, my outrageously heavy backpack flew forward and bounced my head on the floor. I wasn't able to get up right away, and while I was sprawled on the floor with my stuff everywhere a young woman came around the corner, saw me lying there, and then disappeared- I did not imagine this- she didn't even call out to ask if I was okay!

Here's what I looked like before the incident

Once I was able to get myself to my feet (no thanks to you, little miss, whoever you are) I found that my water bottle had been knocked so hard it was leaking. I didn't want to leave a puddle of water on the floor that someone might slip in (yes, I see the irony here) so I headed to the ladies room for some paper towels to clean up the spill. Entering the ladies room, I came face to face with myself in the mirror, and got the shock of my life- I looked like something from a horror movie. Somehow during the fall I managed to get a cut on the bridge of my nose which was bleeding steadily down my face. In spite of this new discovery, I continued with my plan of cleaning up my spill until the combination of dizziness from bending down and frustration with the cheap paper towel having absolutely no absorbent properties what so ever drove me to the nearest open door for help. Two very lovely ladies from the Visual Resource Center sat me down and patched me up and cleaned up my spill and collected my things for me. I spent most of the day with an icepack and a splitting headache, then came home and crawled into bed. Chris brought me sushi and ice cream and gummy bears. (This might not sound like an appealing combination for everyone but I assure you it is just the thing if you've recently had your face smashed into the ground.)

"I am the very model of a modern Major General"

Today I'm still nursing a fierce headache, my forehead has a pretty sizable bump on one side and hurts like crazy if I touch it or raise my eyebrow, and my right knee is developing a colorful bruise. I'm feeling quite sorry for myself, but I'm posting, I'm eating healthy, and I'm going to dance class tonight. With my sore knee and headache and everything.

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