Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day Eighteen: The first switcheroo.

I've stumbled a bit on the daily posting. The post previous to this one is Saturday's outfit. This is what I am wearing today. (It's Tuesday.) Sunday was another lost day- the last day of trying to get our home into a condition that might be considered welcoming to guests- and I did not manage to shower or put on real clothes. Monday I did get dressed, and even got dressed in garments from the 30 for 30 challenge that I had every intention of photographing. Somehow, between the last minute prep for our guest, getting him situated and then taking him out for dinner the pictures never got taken. I was planning to have Chris photograph Monday's outfit for me today, and then change into this and get pics for today too. Let's just say that, although my photographer is very sweet, this was just not the day to ask him to provide two photo shoots. Perhaps tomorrow will be better and I can get caught up.

I built a couple of what you might call 'pressure valves' into my challenge when I started to make it less scary for me. One of those was the option to swap out an item I'd placed in the challenge for something else if it didn't fit well. I had planned to wear another grey dress today but that dress was just too snug for comfort. It was a summer dress I was planning to winterize by layering it over a shirt and tights, but the addition of those layering pieces compromised the fit. So, that dress has been removed from the challenge because either it doesn't fit or, it isn't seasonally appropriate, depending on how you look at it. My excuse for making the change really doesn't matter much- the dress is out of my closet for the time being and this long merino cardigan is in.

The cardigan is a gift from my father. (He's the guest that inspired the cleaning marathon.) It's from Untouched World, which is a seriously awesome New Zealand company. They call it the fling on cardi, meaning, presumably, you can just throw it on over anything. It's going to be  a great basic for me as I am nearly always cold. I love, love, love wool products from NZ. Fine, machine washable, eco-frendly merino wool- I don't think you can beat that.


  1. You have hit a home run with this outfit. I love it on you very flattering and chic and you can wear it many places. I have never had anything made in New Zealand so I will have to check out your link.

    1. They are a cool company. They are kind of the fiber equivalent of the joke about olive oil pressed by virgin nuns. They treat their sheep like kings apparently, compared to what is the general practice.