Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day Fifteen: Revisiting a failed outfit.

I wasn't keen on this combination of denim skirt and black shirt when I first wore it on day eight of the challenge. I like it a lot better with brighter accessories but I think that the fact that these are much brighter photos goes a long way towards improving my rating of this outfit. Also, here I am recently showered and I have not spent a couple of hours in the car. With my level of photographic skill and the amount of effort I'm willing to put into photo editing right now (none) it is impossible to show the detail of this shirt. You'll just have to take it on faith that it is more interesting than it appears in these photos. These is a center front seam and some dart manipulations that result in the creation of unusual triangular shaped pieces and a curvy fit.

I really like the skirt but it irks me that, while the vertical striped stitching appears on the front and back of the skirt, the horizontal striped stitching on the band at the hem is only on the front of the skirt. The brand is not an especially cheap one and the skirt is otherwise well constructed so I'm not sure why they cheapened the overall look of the skirt by making this design choice. Since I paid $2.99 for the skirt and, as I said, I really do like it, I can't really complain. And I'm not really complaining, except to say that given the choice I'd prefer to have the stitching go all of the way around. When I bought the skirt I did not think I would be as bothered by this detail as it turns out I am. It's another lesson learned. I recently passed over a jacket that I liked, but noticed had similar cheap detailing- contrasting trim on the front that stopped at the side seams and did not continue on the back of the garment. It's a pet peeve that I never knew I had. 

The little silk kerchief is literally disintegrating but I will keep it until turns to dust probably. I found it at a thrift store when I was in high school and it wasn't in pristine condition even then, but it has watering cans and flower pots and window boxes with hearts on them. Love. I will be sad when I have to retire it.


  1. I get a slightly maritime vibe here from the juxtaposition of navy and red, very chic! Do you think one ever stops discovering pet peeves? I think not. My newest is the poor fabric quality often found in women's button front shirts. Nothing like the fabric in my S.O.'s nice double weave cotton.

  2. I like the red accessories very much! I too am peeved by the lack of design on the back of skirts and tops - do they think we're never seen from anywhere but the front??