Monday, January 6, 2014

Day Twelve: Would I change it? Should I change it?

Getting dressed should always be this easy. Item # 6 (black knit shirt dress) has been a fixture in my wardrobe for more than 10 years. It goes on just about every trip I take. It's comfortable, washable, practical. It's the perfect length. It might be the only button up garment I own that doesn't gap in the front. (Most of my button front shirts have been stitched closed to avoid the dreaded gap-osis, or I'll only wear them under another shirt or sweater.) I picked this dress up off of a Banana Republic sale rack back in the early days of this century. I was working for the Gap at the time so, with my employee brand 30% discount, I wouldn't have paid more than about twenty bucks for it. (I don't remember exactly but $20 was about my upper limit in those days because markdowns were so prevalent and I could watch and wait for things to slip below my price cap.) I've worn this dress so much in the past decade that it must be down around two cents cost-per-wear at this point and still going strong.

Given that it is such a basic dress you'd think I would have come up with several ways of accessorizing to create different looks. It seems like an ideal canvas for this type of experimentation but I've always worn it with this belt. No joke, every single time for the last ten years. Sometimes I wear tights with it, and my shoes change, but otherwise it looks exactly like this. I'm not sure why I keep the belt in the drawer with my other belts- I should just hang the dress and the belt together as I never wear one without the other. Back in the early days I rocked the belt in a more hip slung fashion (as it was intended) but raising the belt position is the only change this outfit has seen. 

I feel I should try to shake up this dress. Especially in the spirit of this 30-for-30 challenge but I can't imagine liking it any better than I do in this tried and true combination. And if I had a closet full of choices that I liked this well and found this easy I'd be very satisfied. Where do you guys stand on this? If it ain't broke don't fix it? Or is change always good?

p.s. You may have noticed that I'm missing a few days- not that I imagine that you are policing me or anything sinister like that. There have been two days that I didn't get dressed. Yesterday I ended up spending the day cleaning the house in the gear I wore for my morning walk and by the time I stopped cleaning the opportunity for real clothes was gone, along with the light for taking photos. Last week I spent a day in bed trying (successfully) to head off a cold by taking it easy. So, while I'm a bit behind in my (completely arbitrary) schedule, when I've gotten dressed it has been in the 30 items I originally chose, and I've shared it with the world. If you were wondering.


  1. I love the cut of this dress on you - the sleeves are perfectly cuffed. I also adore the belt (no surprise - it's in my rocker-chic(k) wheelhouse).

    I would definitely change out the belt and try other ones with it! I have a black shirt-dress as well (just wore it this past weekend) and I have popped it with reds, pinks...but mostly reds (my favourite here: Do you have any coloured belts? What about grey or even brown/tan/caramel?

  2. I agree with Shelia the dress is fab. I have always liked green/white with black. Could you slip on a green t or cami under the dress and let it peak out the neckline. If you want to stay all black can you put on a vest over the dress either quilted or fur... just trying to throw some ideas out there. Is there a print blouse that you own that you could layer under it and roll up the sleeves show the print shows at the color and the cuffs. There are my best shots...