Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day Twenty: In which I explain my absence and vow to keep going.

This outfit seemed to be destined not to be photographed. The first time I put these pieces together it was one of those days when everything conspires against you and it's already too dark for pictures by the time you have a moment to stand around posing. What you see here is the second time out for this particular combination of denim skirt, white shirt and black jacket. Photos taken late in the day, skirt and shirt a bit rumpled, probably a significant amount of cat hair clinging to the jacket (although it doesn't seem to show here,) what little makeup I had managed to apply all but worn off. And for all the trouble it took to get this ensemble on the blog it is rather underwhelming. 

These pictures were taken a few days before we left for vacation. I'd planned a weeks absence from the blog to accommodate the fact that I wasn't going to be wearing these same clothes and I wasn't going to be near a computer. One week of vacation morphed into two weeks without posting- there was much to be done before we left and I did not exactly hit the ground running when we got back. I have been wearing the clothes I selected for my challenge, I just haven't been organized enough to photograph or blog about them. I know that this sort of breaks all the rules of doing a 30-for-30 challenge online. The whole point is to show 30 consecutive days utilizing the same garments. However, I do feel that I am reaping some real benefits from limiting myself to these 30 garments and I have enjoyed posting when I've been able. So I'm going to keep plugging away with these same garments until I get 30 days worth posted. If that means that I end up wearing these same clothes in real life for 60 days so be it. 

I like:

  • The silhouette and proportions.
  • The layered sleeves. I can't get enough of this short over long sleeved look. The jacket sleeves could be a smidge shorter here.

I'd change:

  • The shirt- the collars of the jacket and the shirt don't play well together. The shirt collar isn't big/open enough to be on the outside of the jacket collar but it doesn't look right stuck inside the neck of the jacket.
  • Or maybe it's the jacket that needs to change? To something with a slightly shorter sleeve and a collar that accommodates a standard shirt collar. Because I am having trouble imagining what shirt would work well with the neckline of the jacket.
  • The skirt- a plain grey or denim pencil would look better with the jacket and stay withing the color parameters I've set for the challenge. I have a hounds-tooth pencil skirt that would probably look great too.

The verdict:

  • It's a 6, may be a 6.5 at a stretch.
  • Even these outfits that don't thrill me have not been (in my opinion) total failures. This capsule wardrobe is serving me well- well enough that I'm willing to keep wearing it for longer than 30 real life days in order to get 30 entries on the blog. I think that says something pretty significant about its utility.


  1. Ooh, I like that jacket.

    You know, I think the jacket has a much more feminine shape than the shirt, which has a more formal shape, that's why they're fighting each other. You need a classic "boyfriend" style blazer with this kind of shirt (their collars play well together), and then it work great with that skirt.

    I would go girlier with the jacket. I would look for a blouse rather than a shirt, something with a wide neckline and gathered sleeves, sort of like a peasant top, only in a plainer version (or in a nice colour!). Then you do a nice brooch at the neckline, add a simple pencil skirt and voila!

    Post when you can - I enjoy hearing how you found the 30 for 30, as I've done several and really learned a lot about putting outfits together.

  2. Best laid plans always go awry but you are back on track and we your fans are glad! I agree with Shelia both pieces are not from the same style category. I love this jacket and skirt together. Maybe a plain neck top under with a scarf tucked would work as well. You do wear a pencil skirt well.