Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Nineteen: With thanks to Shelia and Adrienne.

When last I wore this dress, I questioned whether I should shake things up by trying to make it look different, or whether I should leave it well enough alone being as I really loved it the way I always styled it. Well, naturally, my blogger-commenters (Shelia and Adrienne) said "Yes. Of course you should shake things up! Do you even have to ask?" So, spurred by their encouragement, I tried some of their suggestions and this is the result. It's pretty good. Thank you ladies for your excellent suggestions.

I like:

  • The dress. That was a given.
  • Having another option for wearing an easy practical garment I really love.
  • The black and white graphic print layered under a basic solid. I have two black and white print blouses and I think my wardrobe could accommodate a few more. They feel very me, especially when layered.
  • These caramel color leather accessories. I love this color of leather with black. To my eye it looks very rich and sophisticated. A pair of boots in this color have been on my wish list for at least 3 winters but I have yet to find the prefect pair at a moment when I'm feeling flush enough to splurge on them.

I'd change:

  • The shoes. These are rather summery with their open toes but they are the only shoes I have in that caramel color. (I see this leather color called whiskey too but I'm a sucker for sweets!)
  • The sleeve roll. I'm not sure there's any way to do this differently, but the rolling I've done here seems really bulky to me. It looks okay in the pictures, though, and I got used to the feel of it during the day so maybe it doesn't really need to change?



The verdict:

  • Even if I love the way an outfit comes together I should not stop experimenting with it altogether. Especially as my goal is to have a wardrobe that excites me and doesn't contain a lot of crap that I don't wear.
  • I enjoy the layered print sleeve so much it makes me think I should not dismiss the similar dresses I sometimes find that have short sleeves.
  • Damn, I really want those perfect caramel colored boots now but since I'm currently unemployed, and have decided to enroll in yet more school I'm not going to have them this year. They stay on the wish list for more secure financial times.
  • I'll be on the look out for other caramel/whiskey leather items. The color looks stellar with my hair (if I do say so myself!)
  • I give this combination an 8/10. If I were happier with the shoes it might be a 10.

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