Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day Fourteen: The state of things so far.

A reasonably solid outfit today. Not a raging success. Not a total failure. Functional. Looks like me. Felt pretty okay. It's a 7/10. No complaints. 

At almost the halfway point in my challenge I'm surprised at how well it's going. I was really scared going in that I would have some days when I just couldn't put together something I'd want to wear. That hasn't happened yet and I haven't even had to fall back on the options I left myself for swapping out garments or adding extra garments. So, in some ways this has been easier than I imagined it might be. However, I also imagined that I'd be able to get dressed really quickly having so few options to chose from. Not so- I select my basic garments for the day fairly quickly but then I linger over which shoes, jewelry, scarf, hat, etc. I need to perk up those basic garments. I'm not saving any time at all, and sometimes I go thorough several accessory changes before I either find something I like or give up and go with what I've got on.

I'd also hoped that having fewer clothing items in the current rotation would mean that I'd be more attentive to keeping each item in the best possible condition. Again, not so. My shirt still needs ironing. I still need to let down the hem of the skirt I wore on day two and decided was too short. I've created a running list of  'to do's' to spruce up several of the garments I've been wearing the past two weeks but I've yet to move towards doing any of them. And that running list of things I want to sew? Let's not even get into that!


  1. I think you do these outfits in black/white/grey so well, the details like the patterned shirt and the necklace do all the difference from blergh to stylish. But then again, I am a huge fan of you style. When I found it (last time around that you were actually posting) I went through the entire archive. I even saved some of the pics for reference. :) Thanks to you I am going thrifting for some pencil skirt in the near future. Makes me wish I had the time and drive to run my own fashion blog!

  2. I like the look of this skirt and blouse and sweater.. You do neutrals so well. I am so enjoying your challenge thanks for letting me post so much I am having a ball catching up with you!