Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day Seventeen: Same sweater and jeans as before.

It was such an overcast day today we despaired of getting any clear photos inside. So, welcome to my neighborhood! Of course, there were people just across the street unloading groceries from their car so I felt like a goofball. I don't know if I could ever be one of those bloggers who goes 'out on location' for her photos. Maybe the self consciousness dissipates with time and experience? I predict I would always feel like a goofball, even with practice.

I belted my jeans here and I think I've made them just a smidge too high. I wanted to highlight the green tights and burgundy shoes but I also gave myself a bit of the ole' turkey drumstick leg as well. Furthermore, I never think this kind of funky casual look really works for me despite my insistence on attempting it over and over. I need to figure out a way to wear mens shoes (which I love) with something other than jeans (which I don't love but keep trying to wear for some reason.) I just don't think I can pull of the shoes with a skirt without looking ungainly. I've got fairly large feet and the shoes are quite clunky. Perhaps I just need to get used to the look of giant feet with a skirt? I think I'm going to have to try it and take photos. My feet don't look as humongous here as I feel they do when I'm looking down on them. Photos provide a much better gestalt view for self critique than a mirror seems to, at least for me.


  1. I've always felt like a goofball having my picture taken in public too. But I'm shy and I guess it can be worth it sometimes. I love this outfit. The fact that you rolled up the jeans just completely makes the whole thing. Adorable!

    Brass in Pocket Blog

    1. Thanks for the compliment. It's good to know I'm not the only shy one.

  2. Okay what is is about feet that some women think theirs' are so big? My daughter has this issue and as a result she has so few shoes that she wears them out because she only has one pair. Your feet look normal for your body... I like mens shoes too because they make the toe box larger to accommodate my normal toes which woman's shoes don't do.
    I have seen woman pairing oxfords with day dresses. I think that looks matronly cute... Is there such a thing? I think that with the right dress it might work or maybe only the younger 20 something can pull this look off.
    Did you see Emma Thompson fling those heels at the Golden Globes ceremony because she is protesting uncomfortable dress shoes for women. Ha love that!

    1. I did not see Emma Thompson throw her shoes but she could be throwing poop and I would probably think it was chic and smart!

      I can not tell you why I think my feet are so clunky. They look normal to me in pictures. I find shoes in my size easily in regular stores so they aren't a strange size. And I've never ever looked at someone and thought "oh she would look great if only her feet weren't so large!" so why would I imagine that people were thinking that about me? My sister wears a larger shoe size than me and I've never thought her feet looked too big. It's just a weird hang up, I guess. I seem to have a lot of those.

      I'm afraid the 'matronly cute' effect might just be 'matronly matronly' for me but I will keep experimenting.