Sunday, September 25, 2011

First signs of fall.

It's raining today. Chris and I have had to change our plans from digging up the leaking sprinkler system in the front yard to going to brunch at our favorite local restaurant and watching TCM at home. You can probably guess that neither of us is crushed by this turn of events. I'm going to throw in a few cups of tea and some knitting and call it a perfect Sunday.

It's nowhere near cold, mind you, but at least its cool enough for me to layer. This teal and army green combination is one of my favorites. Two great colors, even better together.

This vintage daisy pin makes me ridiculously happy. I love those bright yellow centers. I almost always pair this pin with these yellow shoes. I know that most fashion experts are against matching shoes and bags these days but I think matching shoes and jewelry looks subtly spectacular. Actually, I think matching shoes and bags look fine too. Fashion stylists may think it looks old fashioned; to me that translates as ladylike vintage sophistication.

Another reason I love this pin is that the French pronunciation of my name- Marguerite- is the name of a type of daisy that looks just like these.

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