Sunday, September 4, 2011

A long overdue work-basket rescue.

Chris and I have made a pact not to buy any non-essentials for the month of September. For me this translates roughly into, "Don't buy any clothes," and for Chris it's more like, "Don't buy any new games or computer equipment." We were both supposed to forgo eating out for the month too, but we already caved on that part of the bargain when we woke up to discover that we didn't have enough milk for our morning coffee. Sure, we could have gotten dressed and gone to the store for milk, but the idea of grocery shopping before coffee seemed needlessly punishing- especially when compared to the much more civilized plan of enjoying a leisurely brunch and then grocery shopping. When you also consider that Chris had been rousted from bed at three in the morning to deal with an emergency outage at work, you must agree that we practically had to go to brunch!

Any way, since I'm not going to be getting anything new to wear in September, I've decided to dedicate this month to fixing all the things which have been languishing in my work-basket. (Which is really a drawer and not a basket but a work-drawer rescue sounds like it involves organizing paperclips and hanging file folders.) This cardigan is my first success this month (although, technically, the skirt I wore in my last post came out of the work basket too.) It was missing a couple of buttons. I replaced the few remaining pearl buttons with something similar and, inspired by my handiwork, I got a tiny bit creative and added a couple of flower shaped mother of pearl buttons to the two embroidered flowers that had long ago lost their pearl centers.

For someone who has a degree in fashion with an emphasis on custom sewing and alteration it's embarrassing to admit how little sewing I do now. It's so little that I'm actually pretty pleased with myself for sewing on these buttons. I hope this month will give me the kick in the pants I need to start sewing again- at least to start mending and altering again. I'll also be working on a defined wardrobe plan this month. Let's hear it for short term goals!

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