Thursday, September 1, 2011

Completely blah.

I put quite a bit of work into this not very successful outfit. I foolishly bought this skirt without trying it on. It fits at the waist but it is strangely somehow built with a much more curvy hip line than mine. This curvy construction creates an almost bubble skirt effect on me.

I attempted to alleviate some of the puffiness with a bit of judicious pressing. The skirt is 100% linen so it wasn't completely crazy to think I could reshape it with an iron. However, it didn't help much.
The little bow detail above the flounce was all droopy and sad and curled up looking. I pressed it out and tacked it in place.
I even considered hemming my shirt to improve the proportions of this outfit but ultimately I decided it wouldn't make much difference.

This top is an example of the type of compromise I end up making when I try to find ready to wear that works for my body. I believe that the wearer's chest is actually supposed to be contained within the area above the first horizontal ruffle. Then the band between the first and second horizontal ruffles should sit below the wearer's chest and the shirt should then flare out nicely over the hips. As you can see, that's not the way it works on me.

These little rubber shoes are supposed to be "rain skimmers." I tried wearing them in the rain once. It was pretty much a disaster. They are so low cut that I might as well have been running barefoot through the puddles. Lesson learned: wear boots in the rain; save the skimmers for the summer.


  1. those are the cutest shoes ever!!!!

  2. Thanks Nan,
    at least there's one redeeming feature to the outfit. I was just looking at something very similar to these somewhere online but now I can't find them- if I remember where I'll let you know.