Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jeans Again.

I own jeans again. After the last two pairs of jeans in my wardrobe bit the dust due to inner thigh issues, (repeat mantra: I love my curves. I love my curves,) I decided I wasn't going to replace them. My rationale for this decision was that if I didn't own jeans I wouldn't wear them. While this simple logic is, in fact, correct, it doesn't tell the full story of what I was hoping would happen. I was hoping that by not wearing jeans I would be transformed into someone more sophisticated and polished, someone who didn't need to wear jeans, someone who didn't want to.

As it turns out, I'm not that person. I missed having jeans. I guess I have to cut myself some slack- I am a student after all. Jeans are pretty practical for the life I'm living now. These came from the thrift store so I don't feel too guilty about breaking down and buying them. Owning one pair of jeans is acceptable.

I'm less pleased with this top. I own two of these. The other is solid navy. I loved them in the store. The puffy, wrapped around sleeve seemed to balance my chest and add some interest to what would otherwise be a plain T-shirt. I'm a bit disappointed that a single wash rendered these shirts limp and tired looking. And, for the record, that was a single cold water wash on the delicate setting and in a freakin' lingerie bag, for crying out loud. I'd expect this from Target, not from Anthropologie. I paid around thrity dollars for each of these shirts, on sale, and I feel ripped off. If I'd paid full price I'd be pissed.

I'm currently obsessed with these red jellies. I love that the holes look like polka-dots. When my mom saw them she threatened to call my nephews and tell them they should tease me about my new shoes. Why would they do this? Well, according to my mom, because I tease them about wearing Crocs should tease me about my plastic shoes. I do tease them about their Crocs (and their Uggs) because they are my least favorite shoes on the planet, but they're kids so they get a pass on the ugly shoes and I only tease them in fun. And my plastic shoes are adorable. I'm convinced that jellies have a whimsey and nostalgia that Crocs simply do not possess.

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