Monday, August 15, 2011

Can rhinestones turn a T-shirt into an outfit?

I was just going to throw on this skirt and T-shirt and take the cat to the vet. (Just regular shots; he's fine- although it may take him a while to get over what he regards as a savage betrayal of his trust in us.) I added the sweater, didn't love it, took the sweater off again, untucked the T, noticed a small stain on the bottom of the T, tucked it in again, and decided that I needed to make some kind of special effort. Inspired by Jentine, I tossed a couple of rhinestone earrings and a pin on the neckline of the T-shirt. I really liked the effect of the earrings as dress clips. Especially as I've been trying to come up with more *rhinestones are for everyday* ideas. I think this reads as *prettily decorated T-shirt* and not *crazy lady wearing every piece of costume jewelry she owns.* Please tell me I'm right.

Unfortunately in this detail photo you can see the rash currently developing in my cleavage.  Chris and I have been really good about walking at least four nights a week and the combination of sports bra squeezing and sweat has caused my chest to break out. I'm trying not to let this become an excuse not to be active but it sure is unappealing and uncomfortable. The good news is that if we keep walking and I loose weight and my chest gets smaller it shouldn't happen anymore- it has never happened before so I'm assuming it is due to the heretofore unprecedented largeness of the boobage.

This polka dot skirt is a little large and I've been on the fence about whether it's actually worth altering. I love polka dots but the size of these makes them seem a bit juvenile. The skirt came to me via the thrift store but I'm sure it originated in some juniors department or another. It's very cheaply constructed. If I were to make something like this myself I would at least treat the dots as horizontal  stripes and have them line up nicely across the front of the skirt. On the plus side, the skirt has a certain whimsey about it, which I like, and it's long enough. I should alter it just for the practice, really.

In addition to coveting the rhinestone collections of other bloggers, I've been admiring their locations. Chris takes my photos in his office. I come in, open the shutters, and close the closet doors so you can't see the junk piled inside. Chris spins his office chair around and snaps away. When I told him (actually, I might have kind of whined to him,) that Jentine's husband actually drives to places to photograph her against interesting backgrounds he immediately volunteered, "We could do that." But then he quickly recovered with, "But we barely have the time to do this." He's right, of course, but seriously, how beautiful is this post? (Okay, okay- If I'm honest I would feel a bit...touched...rolling around in a field but something a bit more picturesque than the closet doors would be nice sometimes.)

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  1. Thanks for the sweet words! I like your style too :) especially your confidence, and your hair ;)

    Haha, yeah. If only we bloggers could all have minions to do our sewing - our photographing - our rhinestone collecting - and so on!