Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not quite a Thrift Star.

My outfit today reminded me of those featured on blogs that celebrate thrift store shopping and amazingly low cost outfits. I purchased this chambray dress at the thrift store last week. I got the red flats at the same thrift store about a year ago. The white tee is one of several acquired while shopping with my sister. If memory serves these T-shirts were marked down to around four dollars AND my sister had a 40% off coupon. I think between the two of us we bought out every medium T-shirt in the store.

Chambray Dress: Thrifted ($3.99) V-neck Tee: Ann Taylor Loft ($2.40) Shoes: Thrifted ($4.99)  

What screwed me up was the purse. Although it's recycled it wasn't cheap. It puts this outfit at a total cost of closer to two hundred dollars than twelve. But that money contributes to a good cause.

This made me wonder about whether the women who blog about the low cost of their apparel include their jewelry. By their rules should I include my wedding and engagement ring in calculating the cost of my outfit?  Or would I get to call those items "gifted" and leave it at that?


It was my intention to alter this dress to pull in the waist, but after washing and drying it I found it a bit more snug than when I bought it. I've tried wearing it a couple times now without making any changes and I thought I was content with the way it looked. After seeing these photos I'm less content. It looks like a twelve dollar outfit, and that's not the way it's supposed to work. It's supposed to be a twelve dollar outfit that looks like a million bucks.  I'm not even sure I like it enough to make the alterations. But at least I'm only out four dollars for the dress.

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