Friday, August 12, 2011

What do I have to do?

I think I might have to swear off buying jewelry and shoes for a while. No, I haven't gone on a crazy accessories buying binge recently or anything but I've got F*** all to wear and I keep behaving as if getting a new 'statement' ring is going to solve all my wardrobe problems. Investing in some clothes that fit me would be a more practical way to spend my money. I love the ring. It is a tangible memory of a wonderful outing. It makes me sad to think about not owning it. (I even put it on after writing this as proof of my love.) But heck! I keep getting rid of clothes that don't flatter me and replacing them and baubles and purses- beautiful, adorable, fun, fantastic, but not sensible.

Making a wardrobe plan of any kind has always struck me as a rather boring practice. Fashion pedantism. (This is not an actual word apparently, but should be. Pedanthood is a word but I don't like it as much as the word I seem to have made up.) I've always been more of a thrill seeking shopper, buying things to which I feel a strong emotional attraction. As a result I own at lot of amazing accessories and I still have nothing to wear. I'm starting to think that my eliminating plan isn't getting me close enough to where I want to be. Getting rid of clothes has been even easier than I thought it would be but, while my closet is slowly emptying, I'm not making the great strides forward style-wise that I was hoping for. It's time to really get serious about how I want to look. And here would be the place where I told you what I wanted, if I had ANY FREAKING IDEA what that was. Yeah, I see some serious wardrobe planning in my future.

I was having another tough day in the closet today. I'd actually forgotten I owned this top until I found it at the bottom of a drawer. This top might be the solution to the aforementioned tank top problem. It provides all of the benefits of a tank top but it's got a bit more pizazz. I bought this top in New Zealand (not the last time we visited, but the time before.) I love the color. I find the construction fascinating- it's cut in one piece with the fold of the fabric at the shoulder seam. I think the asymmetric shoulder tie and draped neckline pulls the attention up, away from my chest, in a way a tank top can't. I need more things like this.

I've got my work cut out for me. Get serious. Make some decisions about how I want to look. Come up with a plan. Start shopping with my head instead of my heart. It's not going to be easy, but it might be fun.

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