Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Happy Tale of an Ill Fated Dress.

I don't know what it is about this dress. Something always seems to happen to keep it off the blog.

I picked it up at the thrift store because it seemed like kind of thing I should like. Then I proceeded to pass it over every chance I got. I pulled it out last week with the intention of maligning it here as yet another poorly fitting dress. Color me surprised- it fits quite a bit better than I remembered. I was being overly judgmental. I still need to cover it with a sweater but it could easily be altered to fit perfectly.

The first day I wore the dress I was too rushed to take photos but I liked it so much I planned to wear it the next day and take pictures then. The next day I managed to spill taco sauce on the dress before said photos could be taken. I had to leave for a meeting today before being photographed. I walked a long way across campus and, since I couldn't take off the sweater in public, I got pretty sweaty. This is the first time I've worn this belt. The interaction of wet dress and new belt resulted in some icky looking color transfer around the waist. I don't think you can see it in the pictures and I was determined to get this dress up on the blog. At the rate I'm going the dress might burst into flames the next time I wear it.

I'd be more upset about the dye coming off the belt if I wasn't so thrilled about how nice it looks with this outfit. The dress came with a skinny self-fabric sash, which is fine but not especially snazzy. I wore the dress with the sash every other time I wore it. Today I really wanted to style it up a little. I own a lot of belts. I almost never wear them. I've been trying to. I put them on, scowl in the mirror, and take them off again. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I just couldn't wear belts. I know how this sounds- who can't wear belts? But I looked seriously sausage-like every time I tried. Everything seemed to be bulging everywhere. Today there's not a bulge in sight. I'm sure it's because of the dress. On previous occasions I was trying to make bad outfits look better with belts. Today I achieved accessorizing success because I was truly accessorizing- adding some interest to a flattering outfit; not trying to salvage a crappy one.

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