Friday, August 5, 2011

The kind of low maintenance I'd like to be.

I was running behind this morning and had about twenty minutes to get dressed and ready and get out of the house. I made it with time to spare to take these photos for the blog. I had to reduce my routine to sticking just my head under the shower, combing my hair, and applying deodorant, sunscreen, mascara and brow pencil. Full disclosure-the mascara and brow pencil were layered over the smudged remains of yesterday's makeup. Terrible, I know. And also slightly sad that I look pretty much the same as I always do.

I think today that I came close to actually being the kind of low maintenance I'd like to be. I aspire to be the kind of woman who can be ready to go at a moments notice; who's comfortable enough with her appearance that she doesn't need to be dolled up to participate in her life. In reality I'm much more likely to get bent out of shape and not want to do anything when I don't think I look my best. But today I was more like the woman I want to be. I'm kind of proud of me.

These aren't the best photos of me but they are some of the few photos from today where the stripes on my dress aren't dissolving into a psychedelic, swirly mess. In keeping with the spirit of today's post I chose to place photo quality over flattering facial expressions and poses.

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